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Featured Artist – Jill Stasium

For Jill Stasium, who’s been painting since she can remember, real art transcends the visual and takes us into spiritual realms. There, artist and viewer can resonate to something in the work that literally connects them with something deep within themselves. This experience is what Jill aspires to with each painting she creates.

The primary inspirations for Jill’s paintings are music and the poetry in music. “How the music is metabolized through my body is how it is recreated in my paintings,” Jill explains. “In other words, what I am feeling when I am listening to the music flows from my body and out onto the canvas. It’s a very organic process.”

Though she paints mostly to the comlplex time signatures of Frank Zappa, the music of the Velvet Underground, Wayne Kramer, Jazz and Rock and Roll are also sources for her intuitive paintings and contribute to the vibrancy of her work. “I have a great desire to understand how to integrate the mathematics of music with the interior flow of painting,” Jill says. “I became more aware of this process when, one day while painting irises to Bitch’s Brew by Miles Davis, I observed a strange syncopation with how the flowers landed on the canvas.” The irises wouldn’t have been painted the same way had she been listening to Mozart.

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